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Our Services

Identifying Export Markets

Identifying export markets with a structured quick market report. A market report will contain information on the top importing countries or regions for your product. It will showcase the market potential of your product / service based on the volume and valuation of your product / service imported in a particular country.

Building Export Friendly Website

Guidelines are given on building an export friendly website with relevance to Google search through structured approach and support froman international quality website developer.

Searching relevant contact details

Training and support to search for relevant contacts and their contact details (Based on importer website leads which will be provided by us on a monthly basis)

Crafting the right approach to top importer markets

Systematic approach is formulated and customized tailored to your needs when approaching importers.

Tactical follow-ups

Strategic guidance is provided for follow-ups with importer leads. The guidance is monitored and adapted to match each potential customer’s / importers profile.

Identifying Export Customers

Identifying export customers with a structured market report. Our expert team of advisors shortlist potential customers for your products/services from authenticated and reliable databases of the UN Secretariat.

Setting up meetings

Setting up meetings with potential buyers and partners for your products/services.A thorough training is provided on how to setup meetings with the potential importers globally.

Actual Visits

First few actual visits to meet and identify customers. It is always advisable to meet your clients before starting a business with him/her. One of our team members will accompany you in your first few actual visits to help you guide in your conversations and get a realistic idea about the overall market of a particular country and region.

Market Regulations

A lot of countries have investor friendly schemes that need to be understood for better profitability of your business. We help you understand such broad government and market regulations/formalities.

Trade Shows

Advise on key trade shows to participate for gaining better understanding on the customer base in the region. While participating in trade shows pertaining to your industry network with potential clients, government officials, and other key trade officers.

Networking Guide

Guide in networking with relevant bodies like Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, tradeand industry associations for targeted export markets.

Overseas Office / Warehouse

Complete guidelines and information on setting up an overseas office / warehouse with advantage of availing benefits from Government schemes.